Paving Bricks – They pave the way

Willdale offers intriguing ground solutions for your pavements, driveways, walkways, patios, swimming pool surrounds and general hard landscaping areas. These come in the form of driveway bricks that are available in either red multi or blue multi-colour variations.

At the customer’s disposal are also quarry tiles that can either be 9 x 6 or the smaller 6 x 6 that come in red multi, plum brown, blue blue and blue multi.

Since time immemorial, pavers have been used in public places, beautifying the areas in which they have been laid. Even the Romans and the Greek during their reigning empires are famous to have had streets adorned by this witty ground solution. Pavers have however transcended the test of time and to date; pavers retain their classic looks and inimitable strength to handle vehicular and pedestrian weight with much ease. Willdale pavers are available in the rich and dramatic red multi and blue multi colour variations.